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Nerrish Revital Lift

Products name : Nerrish Revital Lift
Net Weight : 30 g
720 THB

Product Detail

Code :         2616

Description : Details The latest anit-aging and anti-wrinkle serum with gold glitters has been specially formulated to have the following properties and benefits:

  1. Triple lift action With 3 active ingredients creating synergy with instant lifting effect and reduce wrinkles
    • Instensyl-the polymer with 3D molecular structure gives the instant lifting and firming effect after thinly spreaded on skin for 5-10 minutes.
    • Gatuline expression
    • reduce tension of muscle under epidermis, making wrinkles appear less visible.
    • Hyaceramidyl - is a combination of Hyaluronic acid, Ceramide and Squalane in nanosome form, helps release moisture on deep epidermis level as hyaluronic acid absorbs water making skin plumper while Ceramide and Squalane make skin soft and supple.
  2. Reviltalize (Antiaging) by restoring damaged skin and enrich with
    • Laminixyl - peptide that helps promotes the skin restoration
    • Hydroxyprolisilane - main ingredient for building collagen, providing silica which strengthen skin structure. Tested on users, it is founded that
    • 90% feel the tightened skin within 5-10 minutes (Tensor effect)
    • 60% feel the skin smoother within 30 minutes. (Smoothing effect)
    • 71% feel wrinkles appear less visible within 1 hour (Antiwrinkle effect)

The gold glitters also add sparkle and rediance when comes in contact iwith light. Suitable for all skin types.

Usage : Apply all over face and neck every morning and night.

Net : 30 g.

Age : 2 year.

FDA Registration no : 10-1-5512525

Barcode : 8859414700813